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Piko RX 2019

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The Lupine Piko headlamp is extremely small and light, but also sturdy and bright enough even for the most extreme situation. Piko - it is 1900 lumens in the size of a matchbox, now with a standalone diffuse light, new app and new remote control.

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Piko RX 2019
Piko RX 2019Piko RX 2019Piko RX 2019

Smaller, lighter, brighter

The Piko: headlamp of several mountain rescue services*, popular bikelight and for years unrivaled when it comes to achieving maximum light with the lowest possible weight and minimum size. But how do you improve an already unbeaten lamphead? You start it all over again - functional, brighter, more beautiful and with passion to detail.

A head like no other
The third generation of Piko shines with a full 1900 lumens, weighs only 60g and has a separate diffused light for reading and camping.

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